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Pompe Enologiche

Francesca Pompe Enologiche has revolutionised the cellar transfer system with the development of its first patent: the Francesca® pump which places innovative high quality mechanics and dedicated electronics side by side rendering the work of wine experts and winemakers practical, accurate and reliable. 

Thanks to specific engineering work, Francesca Pompe builds and tests machinery able to support the delicate transfer stages, adapting to individual necessities and always respecting the wine: a quality product stemming from our traditions.

The Francesca® pump is the only one capable of bringing all functions from the most common pumps on the market together while managing them autonomously. The skilful application of the electronics to the mechanisms has created a versatile, intelligent and practical pump.

The main characteristics of the Francesca® pump are: Versatility, autonomy, ease of use and the exclusive movement of the Francesca® rotor.

  • Versatile: The Francesca® pump carries out all cellar operations effectively, from wine-pressing, to pumping over, traditional racking, bottling, filtration, filling and emptying barrels.

  • Autonomy: An electronic design, designed especially for this machine, makes it possible to specifically schedule the pump for each type of task to be carried out. All operations can also be controlled at a distance, thanks to the exclusive multifunctional remote control.

  • Ease of use: The Francesca pump is manageable, compact and easy to use. Easy to dismantle and inspect guaranteeing total accessibility to all parts in contact with the product, which can easily be cleaned and sterilised.

  • Exclusive movement of the Francesca® rotor: The simple, essential, compact structure of the exclusive Francesca® rotor guarantees a linear movement of the product within the pump without turbulence. 6 to 250 rotations/minute guarantee a delicate movement of the wine always respecting the culture which it represents.

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