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Doreau tonneliers

Exceptional Oak Trees

Doreau, the Cooperage…
Created in 1989, with a production site near Cognac, 2 staves mills at Genouillac and Piegut, and a workshop in Sigogne that specializes in the production of casks and tanks, as well as the repairs of Cognac barrels.

The Doreau group continues to apply Thierry Doreau’s expertise steeped in tradition, controlling every stage of the production, including the air dried seasoning. Just as a winemaker does with his grapes, we carefully choose our batches of wood to make the best out of our blends. Every barrel in our collection is completed with a harmonious toast, to enhance your wines and brandies, and respect their finesse and identities. 



In collaboration with loggers and the “Office National des Forêts,” the National Organization of Forests in France, Doreau chooses the best batches of wood, coming from the most beautiful French forests. 



Doreau's QSE process results in their high-quality products and demonstrates the commitment to policies that respect the environment. “Bureau Véritas” verifies that tracking system identifies the French origin as well as the seasoning of the oak, and conforms to strict food safety standards in the manufacture and repair of their barrels. Finally, the PEFC certification confirms Doreau's commitment to the renewal and sustainable management of the Forest.

Vœux 2019 - Doreau Tonneliers

Vœux 2019 - Doreau Tonneliers

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Fine-grain selection French-oak barrel. Slow toasting at low temperature. Enhancing freshness and delicacy. 


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