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La Haute Tonnellerie

SEGUIN MOREAU, the world’s leading barrel producer, continues to build on nearly two centuries of tradition and more than three decades of pioneering oenological research, consistently delivering top-quality oak for wineries’ barrel programs. Seguin-Moreau is committed to sustainability - from forest management to cooperage practices.

Oak Barrels
By Seguin-Moreau

Range & Toasts

We are convinced that every wine or spirit deserves a tailor-made solution; bringing out the full potential of each one, while respecting its unique character and the original expression of the grape.
By offering a wide choice of oak species, firing profiles and finishes, all winemakers can construct a barrel that reflects their product. Discover out expertise and range.



SEGUIN MOREAU’s wood buyers look for the straightest oak trees possible, which provide straight wood grain with as few flaws as possible. The use of French Haute Futaie, or superior growth, wood from 150- to 200-year-old forests ensures dense, tightly packed grain and fine tannins. Oak in categories of medium grain, semi-tight grain, tight grain, and very tight grain. Tighter-grained oak will release its wood compounds and tannins more slowly than semi-tight grain and medium-grained oak. As the grain gets tighter, the rate of evaporation slows down, as does the exchange between the wine and the outside air.

SEGUIN MOREAU categorizes most of their barrels according to grain and its tightness.



French sessile oak (Quercus Petraea) brings a noble structure to wine, with elegance, preserving the fruit and aromas of the wine.

SEGUIN MOREAU’s French oak is Haute Futaie, the tallest trees coming exclusively from the national forests, regulated by the O.N.F. (National Forests Office). The forests are managed on the principle of annual regeneration, ensuring a consistent supply of sustainable wood. 
A barrel made of French Haute Futaie oak supplies aromatic keenness and complex tannins to the world`s greatest wines and spirits during ageing.



American oak (Quercus Alba) has a methyl octlactone isomer contact 2.5 times higher than that of French oak, as well as low levels of ellagitannins. It provides a high level of aromatic complexity, which adds richness to the mid-palate of a wine and well-integrated toasty spice notes. American oak supplies aromatic intensity, more moderate tannin content and greater volume in the mouth.


The sessile oak comes from hillside forests in Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. 
This barrel gives structure to the wine gently, developing the fruit and the restrained aromas of the wine, while contributing tannins more rapidly than other barrels. It is especially suited for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and highly aromatic grape varieties that require structure, such as Syrah and Grenache.

Seguin-Moreau: Product


Accuracy and Consistency in Each Barrel

The toasting phase is a key stage, mellowing wood’s harsh tannins and mitigating raw oak flavours.


Over time, SEGUIN MOREAU came to differentiate between the firing of the barrel at the tightening stage and the oenological toasting of the barrel: bousinage. Bousinage dramatically changes the wood’s physiochemical composition and physical structure.


By varying flame intensity and length of toasting, SEGUIN MOREAU's researchers have defined a range of enological firings, governed by precise protocols, from which winemakers can choose.


With the above parameters, SEGUIN MOREAU’s defined toasting levels help develop the exchange between the wine and the wood, depending on the grape variety, terroir and oak species.

Seguin-Moreau: Product
ICÔNE Barrels


After work carried out for many years, Seguin Moreau has been able to determine the oenological potential of wood. By analysing the chemical composition of oak, R&D teams were able to identify which chemical compounds lead to certain aroma and flavor expression in finished wine.

SEGUIN MOREAU’s ICÔNE Concept is another major step in the evolution of barrel technology—giving winemakers control, consistency and reliability.


Oak Alternatives
By Seguin-Moreau

"Our alternative products are a top-of-the-range enological response for every method of introducing oak aromas into wine.." (SM)

SEGUIN MOREAU's research progress on wine/oak interactions has enabled to develop products suitable for different positions in a wine range. 
These products come from the same oak selection and proactive maturation processes as rough staves used to make SEGUIN MOREAU barrels. Each one gives a different style that is appropriate for your wine-making tools and wines.

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