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Improvement Through Biotechnology

Leader in OENOLOGY and biotechnologies, AEB offers a wide range of products, allowing users to take advantage of the most innovative wine processing and treatment techniques. The result of advanced scientific and technical research, AEB products make use of unique formulations, answering in a targeted way any problem and need concerning the entire winemaking process.
The offer is also distinguished by the wide range of yeasts and for the multi-step nutrition, with nitrogen-based products and yeast derivatives, with the most comprehensive range in the sector. Added to this there is the wide range of enzymes, helping the technician through all technological stages, and the extensive selection of wood derivatives, both chips and tannins, enabling to process more structured and long-lived wines. To complete the AEB offer, there are equipment, filter aids and detergents, in order to always operate in the best hygienic conditions.


AEB also excels in the field of biotechnologies and process products used for the treatment of BEER.
The products intended for the production of beer represent for AEB the result of a great experience.
An experience gained thanks to the research carried out at its R&D centers present all around the world and the ability of its specialised technicians. The aim is to optimize the utilisation of products, from the brewhouse to bottling.
Aromatic and colloidal stability, filterability of wort and beer and fermentation: a work which, as a whole, led to the development of formulations satisfying the most different requirements and types of beer. 
These products are from time to time accompanied by innovative equipment until the realization of specific personal solutions for the most demanding customers.

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